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September 2014

Dove Food Plots

A demonstration workshop on food plots for doves will be held Saturday Oct 4. The workshop will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the shooting range in Creole on Hwy 82, and will cover establishing food plots from planning to management of grain crops. Topics to be covered include, estimating area to be planted, herbicides used for burn down, rates and timing of herbicide usage, tillage, crops to plant, seeding rates, timing and management of crops.

Dove hunting is a traditional outing for hunters nationwide which ushers in the hunting seasons. Coastal Louisiana holds good populations of doves in the summer and fall of the year. Planting food plots is an excellent way to attract and hold doves before and during hunting seasons. Coastal landowners can take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy early season hunting and possibly realize some income through eco-tour operations and hunting lodges.

A food plot of brown top millet was planted on site during the summer. Several different practices were used for comparison. Participants will be able to view the food plots and ask questions on establishing and managing plots.
The workshop is free and open to the public. For additional information or questions call LSU AgCenter-Sea Grant agent Kevin A. Savoie, or county agent Bradley Pousson at (337) 905-1318.

Dove Food Plot Demo Info Handout (PDF)

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