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Biological Info: Almaco Jack

Almaco Jack

Scientific Name:
Seriola rivoliana
Common Names:
Blackjack, Bar Jack, Amberjack, Almaco, Spanish Jack.
Range & Habitat:
Almaco jacks are found Gulfwide. They are more oceanic than the greater amberjack and occur at greater depths. They tend to frequent reefs, rocks, wrecks and offshore oil and gas platforms.
Identification & Biology:
The body of this fish is less slender than that of the greater amberjack and in cross-section, the body is less round in shape. The dorsal and anal fins have noticeably longer lobes than the greater and lesser amberjacks and the banded rudderfish. It has the basic amberjack color, except that it is much more dusky. See Greater Amberjack for a guide to positive identification. Little is known of its biology.
Common at 10-20 pounds and may reach 75 pounds.
Food Value:
Very good, especially when grilled or broiled. Like other amberjacks, it may occasionally have infestations of tapeworms encysted in the muscle near the tail. Although the worms will not harm people, the infested areas may be cut away and discarded.

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